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Our in-house Services Group specialize in Refurbishment, Upgradation, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Cranes, Hoist and other Material Handling Equipment. Equipment. We handle both Preventive and Break-down maintenance of equipment and also undertake Annual Maintenance Contracts for Cranes and Hoists both old and new.

We are setting up 2 Equipment Service Centers (one in Dubai and one in Dammam, KSA) with Hoist Load testing facility, from where our AIMS Service group will operate.

AIMS Service’s USP is our approach and procedures we have developed to undertake such contracts, where-in we take over the responsibility of keeping the equipment fully functional and operative while under our care. Our team develops a one-on-one contact with the end-users of each equipment and keep our clients appraised of the status of each equipment.

An extremely detailed inspection is done on the first instant and potential problems are identified and a maintenance plan is drawn up keeping in mind the operational requirements. What we bring to the table are out-of-the-box and innovative solutions to maintenance and operational problems that affect most old equipment.

We shall be grateful if you could let us know of your requirements for any of our products and services and we assure you of a prompt response from us. Please free to check for any other information you may need of us.

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