Overhead Cranes

We manufacture and supply Manual (HOT) & Electric Overhead Travelling (EOT) Cranes for a variety of application and can take up projects on turnkey basis. The electro – mechanical components are sourced from our Technology Partners and the structural part is manufactured locally. The crane is then assembled and tested before being shipped off for installation

Several variants available as below:

  • Hot Crane
  • Single Girder EOT
  • Double Girder EOT
  • Double Girder with Barrel Winch

Auxiliaries & Accessories

Projects & Engineered Products

AIMS Lifting, in collaboration with several reputed OEM’s can engineer and execute projects that involve handling and transportation of a wide range of products. A few key product lines include..

  • Steel Plant Equipment and Projects
  • Luffing Cranes, Container handling cranes, Bulk Material handling cranes for Ports, Railways and storage yards
  • Cement / Gypsum plants Equipment and Projects
  • Other metallurgical plants and equipment for Aluminum, Copper, Zinc and other metals.
  • Ore handling and processing equipment
  • Any other bespoke engineered project

JIB Cranes

Jib Cranes

Jib cranes are lifting equipment where the hoist operates on a single end cantilever arm / jib. The supported end of the jib is fixed to a support which bears the dead weight of the crane plus the bending moment of the load which is lifted. Jib cranes can be classified as below


  • Wall mounted Jib Crane, where-in the Jib is fixed to building column or wall and the swivel angle is restricted based on site conditions
  • Pillar Jib Crane: The jib is fixed to a dedicated Pillar and the swivel brackets if necessary can be designed to allow 360o of rotation of the jib.
  • Travelling Wall Jib Crane: These are cranes with special construction, where-in a Wall type crane is supported by 3 end trucks; this feature allows the crane is travel laterally along one wall of the bay.
  • Special Marine / Quay side Application Jib cranes: Custom design cranes for various special application

Prime Mover:

  • Manual Jib cranes, where-in the hoist is a manual chain hoist and the swivel is effected by pulling or by a chain and hand ratchet arrangement.
  • Electrical Jib cranes: Where one or more operations is done using an electrical drive
  • Pneumatic Jib cranes: These cranes are usually provided by a pneumatic hoist.

Gantry & Semi Cranes

Gantry / Goliath Crane / Semi Gantry Cranes

These are cranes that usually have the bridge girders raised significantly over the end carriages and the crane legs on either side can have the same or different heights. Extremely versatile, these cranes are used in places where putting up a building structure is either not possible or not warranted. Ideal for outdoor duty, these cranes are used inside warehouses and other building which are not suited to operate an Overhead Travelling Crane.

Available in the following:


  • Gantry crane with equal sized legs.
  • Gantry crane with unequal sized legs
  • Semi Gantry Crane, where one end carriage is directly attached to the girder similar to that in an Overhead Crane


  • Single Girder
  • Double Girder.
  • Special torsional girder design.

All features available for Overhead Travelling Cranes also applicable for Gantry / Semi Gantry Cranes

Double Girder with Barrel Winch

Double Girder Electric Overhead Travelling Crane (DG EOT)
with Barrel Winch Type Hoist

  • Capacity Range: 3.0 – 250.0 Metric Tons, higher capacities available on request
  • Span: as per client’s requirement
  • Supplied with Barrel Winch Wire Rope Hoist, usually tailored as per client’s specification
  • The crane is a bespoke designed based on client’s specification and site conditions.

Double Girder EOT

Double Girder Electric Overhead Travelling Crane (DG EOT)
with Serial Hoist

  • Capacity Range: 3.0 – 75.0 Metric Tons
  • Span: as per client’s requirement
  • Supplied with Serial Wire Rope Hoist.
  • The Girder design and its interface with the end trucks are tailor designed based on the site conditions and overall headroom / column space available.

Single Girder EOT

Single Girder Electric Overhead Travelling Crane (SG EOT)

  • Capacity Range: 1.0 – 25.0 Metric Tons
  • Span: as per client’s requirement but generally limited to 25 Mtrs. Longer spans can be supplied as special execution.
  • Can be supplied with Electric Chain Hoist or Wire Rope Hoist depending on capacity

Hot Crane

Manual Hand operated Travelling Crane (HOT Crane):

  • Available in Top running and Under slung variants
  • Capacity Range: 1.0 – 5.0 Metric Tons
  • Span: as per client’s requirement but generally limited to 12 Mtrs

Wire Rope Hoist

Wire Rope Hoists

Available in 2 major variant, namely Serial Hoist and Barrel winch type hoist, the wire rope hoists can be supplied based to the following options..


  • Foot Mounted.
  • Underhung – suspended from Monorail Trolley.
  • Mounted on a bi rail trolley


  • For safe non hazardous area, both indoor and outdoor
  • For corrosive atmosphere, incl. areas with very salinity or acid fumes
  • For explosion proof area, we can supply hoists designed as per ATEX – IEC to FEM/DIN/EN standards as well as hazardous area certified as per NEC – designed to CMAA/MHI standards.

Capacity Range

  • Serial Hoist: 3.0 – 75.0 Metric Tons.
  • Barrel Winch type Hoist: 2.0 – 250 Metric Tons… higher capacities may be possible as special cases.

Lifting Path

  • True Vertical Lift using Double Reeving rope drums or 2 parallel hoists working in tandem
  • Non True Vertical Lift using Single Reeving hoists

Lever Hoist

Lever Hoist

Manual Lever Hoist available from 250 Kgs to 10 Metric Tons

  • Special sub-sea application hoists available with chain locking device
  • Several models available for same capacity.