Auxiliaries & Accessories

Projects & Engineered Products

AIMS Lifting, in collaboration with several reputed OEM’s can engineer and execute projects that involve handling and transportation of a wide range of products. A few key product lines include..

  • Steel Plant Equipment and Projects
  • Luffing Cranes, Container handling cranes, Bulk Material handling cranes for Ports, Railways and storage yards
  • Cement / Gypsum plants Equipment and Projects
  • Other metallurgical plants and equipment for Aluminum, Copper, Zinc and other metals.
  • Ore handling and processing equipment
  • Any other bespoke engineered project

Apart from these, we can detail engineer, fabricate, machine, assemble, test and deliver any electro – mechanical equipment as per client’s engineering drawings and specifications. Please let us know of your requirement and we will be happy to provide you with a solution

Other Products and Auxiliaries

  • Flat / Round cable type festoon system on “C” Track with Push Button Pendant Station for Electric Hoists and Cranes
  • Round flexible Hose type festoon system on “C” Track with Push Button Station or Lever Control Station for Pneumatic Hoists and Cranes
  • Radio Remote for Electric / Pneumatic Hoists
  • Infrared Remote for Electric / Pneumatic Hoists
  • A/C Cabin with Joystick / Push Button controls to be used with Overhead Travelling, Gantry and large Jib Cranes


  • PVC enclosed type powerline systems
  • Open rail type conductor systems for higher kW applications
  • Flat cable / round cable with trolleys on C Track – festoon power systems
  • Energy chains with armored cables for heavy duty application
  • Spring and Powered Cable Reels for cranes

rAIlS And clIpS

  • Bulb headed rails with weldable / boltable clips & rail welding kits
  • Rectangular / Square bar type rails

bElOW thE hOOk AttAchMEnt

  • Clamps, Grabs, Magnets and other material handling attachments
  • Spreader Beams, Coil Tongs, Slab Tongs, Crane forks, C Hooks, specialized handling attachments
  • Container Lifting Lugs

OthEr MAtErIAl hAndlIng prOductS

  • Winches: Manual, Electrical, Pneumatic for various application
  • Pallet Trucks, Pedestrian Stackers, Lifting Platforms & Scissor Lifts
  • Load Dollies, Lifting Davits & portable cranes