Gantry & Semi Cranes

Gantry / Goliath Crane / Semi Gantry Cranes

These are cranes that usually have the bridge girders raised significantly over the end carriages and the crane legs on either side can have the same or different heights. Extremely versatile, these cranes are used in places where putting up a building structure is either not possible or not warranted. Ideal for outdoor duty, these cranes are used inside warehouses and other building which are not suited to operate an Overhead Travelling Crane.

Available in the following:


  • Gantry crane with equal sized legs.
  • Gantry crane with unequal sized legs
  • Semi Gantry Crane, where one end carriage is directly attached to the girder similar to that in an Overhead Crane


  • Single Girder
  • Double Girder.
  • Special torsional girder design.

All features available for Overhead Travelling Cranes also applicable for Gantry / Semi Gantry Cranes