JIB Cranes

Jib Cranes

Jib cranes are lifting equipment where the hoist operates on a single end cantilever arm / jib. The supported end of the jib is fixed to a support which bears the dead weight of the crane plus the bending moment of the load which is lifted. Jib cranes can be classified as below


  • Wall mounted Jib Crane, where-in the Jib is fixed to building column or wall and the swivel angle is restricted based on site conditions
  • Pillar Jib Crane: The jib is fixed to a dedicated Pillar and the swivel brackets if necessary can be designed to allow 360o of rotation of the jib.
  • Travelling Wall Jib Crane: These are cranes with special construction, where-in a Wall type crane is supported by 3 end trucks; this feature allows the crane is travel laterally along one wall of the bay.
  • Special Marine / Quay side Application Jib cranes: Custom design cranes for various special application

Prime Mover:

  • Manual Jib cranes, where-in the hoist is a manual chain hoist and the swivel is effected by pulling or by a chain and hand ratchet arrangement.
  • Electrical Jib cranes: Where one or more operations is done using an electrical drive
  • Pneumatic Jib cranes: These cranes are usually provided by a pneumatic hoist.

Jib crane for explosion proof application or for Spark Proof application can be provided, based on both European and American design.

Please refer to our Hoist and Overhead Crane section for other features. Our Sales Team will be happy to assist you with your selection of features for you jib crane.