We manufacture and supply Manual (HOT) & Electric Overhead Travelling (EOT) Cranes for a variety of application and can take up projects on turnkey basis. The electro – mechanical components are sourced from our Technology Partners and the structural part is manufactured locally. The crane is then assembled and tested before being shipped off for installation

Several variants available as below:

  • Hot Crane
  • Single Girder EOT
  • Double Girder EOT
  • Double Girder with Barrel Winch

Various duty classes depending on the application.

Single / Double / Variable Speeds on all motions

A variety of speed control methods incl. Pole changing / Contactor control, Variable Frequency Drives, PLC controls etc.

Various Safety features like Overload Protection Device, Limit switches, Temperature sensors / Thermistors in motor windings, Over-current protection anti collision, anti sway etc.

Remote controls using Radio Remote / Infrared remote control

SPECIAL: Pneumatic motor driven wire rope hoist also available