Wire Rope Hoist

Wire Rope Hoists

Available in 2 major variant, namely Serial Hoist and Barrel winch type hoist, the wire rope hoists can be supplied based to the following options..


  • Foot Mounted.
  • Underhung – suspended from Monorail Trolley.
  • Mounted on a bi rail trolley


  • For safe non hazardous area, both indoor and outdoor
  • For corrosive atmosphere, incl. areas with very salinity or acid fumes
  • For explosion proof area, we can supply hoists designed as per ATEX – IEC to FEM/DIN/EN standards as well as hazardous area certified as per NEC – designed to CMAA/MHI standards.

Capacity Range

  • Serial Hoist: 3.0 – 75.0 Metric Tons.
  • Barrel Winch type Hoist: 2.0 – 250 Metric Tons… higher capacities may be possible as special cases.

Lifting Path

  • True Vertical Lift using Double Reeving rope drums or 2 parallel hoists working in tandem
  • Non True Vertical Lift using Single Reeving hoists

Various duty classes depending on the application.

Single / Double / Variable Speeds on all motions

A variety of speed control methods incl. Pole changing / Contactor control, Variable Frequency Drives, PLC controls etc.

Various Safety features like Overload Protection Device, Limit switches, Temperature sensors / Thermistors in motor windings, Over-current protection anti collision, anti sway etc.

Remote controls using Radio Remote / Infrared remote control

SPECIAL: Pneumatic motor driven wire rope hoist also available